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Malta Dynamics E3010 – TwistFix Post


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Product Description


The TwistFix is unique in functionality and installation speed. This is a personal anchor point for fall protection on roofs, with which a large degree of freedom of movement is guaranteed. The TwistFix is suitable for any type of roofing and is permanently and solid anchored in the roof construction.


An anchor point for fall protection to be installed on top of the roofing and mechanically connected to the roof structure by means of only one anchor. This one anchor concept is providing a revolutionary way of installation and labor reduction, which at the same time reduces the total costs. For each type of roof construction a reliable means of fastening is available. The forces in the event of a fall are reduced by the “internal energy absorber”. After installation the TwistFix can be easily waterproofed by the roofer using a rosette of the corresponding type of roofing material.

Note: Requires one toggle bolt decking (part number E3004) for steal roof deck applications or one mechanical anchor (part number E3006) for concrete roof deck applications.

Key Features:

● Direct placement on top of the roofing material
● Mechanical anchoring by means of one (1) anchor
● Stud does not need to be chipped (no steel chips)
● Very quick to assemble
● Clearly recognizable by the yellow color
● Can also be used as safety zone marker
● Suitable for green and gravel roofs
● Simple water proving
● No thermal bridge effect



Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

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