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Malta Dynamics Item # R0004 – Suspension Trauma Relief Strap


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The Malta Dynamics Trauma Relief Strap is a premium trauma strap designed to alleviate the effects of prolonged fall suspension. Without trauma straps, blood can be restricted to the brain and other organs that could result in unconsciousness and even death if not rescued promptly.

Key Feature Include:

  • Compact and Lightweight. Does not hamper the activity of worker while at work
  • Alleviates the Effects of Suspension in a Harness
  • Allows the suspended worker to stand up in their harness to relieve pressure
  • Easy to attach to the Harness with the help of the textile loop and velcro provided
  • Easy deployment; operation is fool-proof

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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