Reliable Investments LLC establishes distributor relationship with AAF International

Reliable Investments LLC is now a distributor of AAF International Products. AAF International is a manufacturer and marketer of commercial air filtration products and air pollution control systems. Modern industrial processes produce large quantities of airborne pollutants in all forms — particulate, gases, vapors, fumes, and mists. Many are toxic and concentrations often exceed safe levels of exposure. Reducing the pollutants to acceptable levels is critical for the safe operation of many industrial processes and mandatory to meet stringent emission regulations. AAF provides customized total solutions for your air filtration, noise control, and inlet cooling needs in gas turbines, diesel engines, compressors, railroads, and marine applications. This relationship gives Reliable Investments LLC access to AAF International products.

Our relationship with AAF International affords us the opportunity to offer Air Filtration products to our customers in State of Washington, Hawaii, Louisiana and many other institutions nationwide as well as outside the US.


Released By:

Anthony Obiako

President/CEO, Reliable Investments LLC

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