Reliable Investments LLC is now a supplier of all Fire Hoses and accessories

We encourage you to explore our full-line of fire hose, municipal attack lines, Hydro Flow nitrile rubber supply lines, Double Jacket LDH, soft suction, booster hose, PVC hard suction hose, Tank Flex, forestry, rack and reel, industrial hose as well as our full-line of accessories.

When most manufacturers of fire hose produce only to order with average delivery timeline in a range of 6-12 weeks, with our relationship with Firequip Inc, Reliable Investments LLC will deliver your order within two to four weeks consistently due to the commitment to stock adequate inventory across the broadest portfolio of fire hose applications.

Please contact us for all your Fire Hoses and accessories needs.

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Anthony Obiako

President/CEO, Reliable Investments LLC

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