Reliable Investments LLC Partners with Avox Systems Inc for a US Department of Defense (DOD) Project

Reliable Investments LLC will be working with Avox Systems Inc to fulfil a US Department of Defense Washington Headquarters Services Contract. Reliable Investments LLC through Avox Systems Inc will be supplying DOD with Emergency Escape Breathing Device.

Zodiac Oxygen Systems US (Avox Systems Inc) is a U.S. based Zodiac Aerospace Company that designs, manufactures and services oxygen life support respiratory systems, related personal protective equipment and aircraft accessories for the aviation and government markets. Zodiac Oxygen Systems US functions as a part of Zodiac Oxygen Systems, with locations in Europe and the U.S.  Zodiac Oxygen Systems provides innovative oxygen solutions to the aircraft industry. AVOX Systems Inc. provides oxygen systems and components for both commercial and military aircraft. Avox products are currently flying on most operating aircraft, including rotary wing.

We are excited about this great opportunity of working with both AVOX Systems Inc and the US Military to successfully complete this project.

Released By:

Anthony Obiako

President/CEO, Reliable Investments LLC

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