The Entrepreneur: An Adventurer

Entrepreneurs and World travelers have a lot in common. They both love the thrill of the adventure. What if we did this? What if we tried something different? Wonder what would happen if we did that?

Travelling the world is all about new experiences, new scenery, new cultures, new food, new environment, new people and most importantly, the thrill of the unknown. Being an entrepreneur holds the same excitement of new challenges, new thrills and the inevitable, “what’s next?”

Those thrills of curiosity, quest and tenacity to persevere seen in the world travelers and adventurers makes a successful entrepreneur.


By: Anthony Obiako

About Anthony Obiako:   Anthony Obiako is the Founder & CEO of Reliable Investments LLC. Reliable Investments LLC is a full service wholesale distributor of various industrial and commercial products. Reliable Investments LLC sells to various government agencies as well as corporations within the US. Aside from running his own wholesale distribution/procurement company, his other interests include travelling.

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