Wholesale Distribution of Products: Challenges by Small Businesses

Competing against large distributors with global economies of scale is forcing small and mid-market wholesale distributors to adjust quickly.

Small wholesale distributors are aggressively leveraging e-commerce to strengthen its competitive position, increase share of wallet among existing customers and attract new business. State and federal procurement contracts offers opportunities for small businesses hoping to increase their revenues but such areas are filled with a lot of red-tapes. More information.

Small and mid-size distributors are under increasing pressure from large competitors. They are threatened with declining market share as manufacturers move into direct consumer sales. B2B customers, meanwhile, increasingly expect a superior online purchasing experience.

Next generation e-commerce is a key focus area for wholesale distributors to address these challenges and drive revenue. E-commerce was ranked # 1 technology initiative to increase business efficiency and growth in a Netsuite Survey of Mid-Market North American Wholesale Distributors earlier in 2012.


By: Anthony Obiako, Founder & CEO , Reliable Investments LLC


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